Everything is gone, its only the canines and the little prey there is left.One moment we were living in peace with the humans in this village, we would hunt with them and everything was perfect. Then all at once it happened, the humans were dying in their sleep and sleep walking into the forest.They would never return from the forest, if they did then it was weeks later and they were dead, lifeless corpses bent on killing us. We don't know what happened exactly that day, but we know now how dangerous it is to sleep alone, we have to stay close to each others hearts. There is no room for distrust in the other canines for I believe we will be the next to fade.

Date: March 10, 2020
Season: Early Spring
Time of Day: Noon

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The Basics

A Fresh Start

Nickname-   Red (Still working on a better name for her, so Red will do for now)

Gender-   Female ♀

Age-    2 years, give or take a few months

Rank-    Gatherer... May want to be a Supernatural

Wolf Species-     Great Plains Wolf

Fur Color-     Black

Eye Color-     Orange/Red

Scars and Markings-    6 long, deep scars across back leg.

Build-    Red is small, but her speed makes up for strength. She has strong, long legs that make her hard to catch. She is a little on the small side but her long legs keep her at height with the other wolves.

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▌A Bit More Detailed ▌

History-  She was born into a dying pack, they were forced to constantly move from territory to territory. But everywhere they went the monsters kept following them, wanting to finish the job and move onto the next unlucky pack.
Her parents constantly found time to teach her and her brother how to hunt, kill and trick the monsters. Each lesson was embedded in their minds and couldn't ever be forgotten. Each day they would be forced to hunt out and try to kill one of the beings, monster or prey. Luck enough for them they never encountered a monster on any of their short hunting trips.
The pack was ready to get on the move and set off for the next territory, but they needed to eat before leaving. Their parents were chosen to hunt, and merely minutes later they heard their screams and cries from the shadows of the forest. They found them a little alive but mostly dead. Red carried her mother while her brother carried their father.
Each day after felt like an eternity for them, and every day someone got lost in the darkness. And by the time they reached a some what "safe" the pack members began to have melt downs. The Alphas couldn't control the remaining wolves who ran screaming out of the den. And with each wolf who fled the cave the remaining hope was lost. The ones who had the night watch swore they saw moving shadows, or heard the monsters coming for them. During the day they barely left the den and couldn't get up the strength to hunt for food.
Only a week passed when they only remaining wolves were the Alphas and their pup, Red's family and Nali the Beta. Her mate had been the last wolf to go insane and run out of the den. Each wolf in that den felt the shadows closing in on them, and the monsters growing closer.
Red kept pleading for them to move on and hunt. But no one ever listened. And with each hour, the Alphas grew more silent. Their young pup was so hungry, it's bones were showing and the poor thing was losing fur. The Alphas couldn't kill their own blood and flesh.
So they made her father do it, and he carried the sleeping babe out of the den. Pushing it forward with his maw and he barely had time to look away before the monsters caught her scent and snatched her up.
That night everyone was on the edge, and her family decided it was best for them to leave... without her. And when she had found their scent cold and faded they were already long gone. The scent of blood was so strong the next few hours.
Each time she looked at the Alphas, she felt like they could kill her in her sleep. Push her out of the den and wait. She couldn't wait for it to happen, so as night fell she slipped out of the den.

Personality- Red will have trust problems at first, its just natural. All she had ever known was her first pack and then nothingness. She was alone for weeks on end and didn't know if she could trust anyone else. She does have a funny streak and loves to hear stories, though she would hold back on telling her own. Once she trusts someone she will bend to their needs and try to help them in any way. But if she is threatened she won't hesitate to attack, submit or run.

Weaknesses- Watching loved ones leave, or be taken from her forcefully.

Strengths- Running fast, going days on end without food and finding food.

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You're accepted, of course. And if y' don't mind me asking, do you have any ideas for a contest?

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