Everything is gone, its only the canines and the little prey there is left.One moment we were living in peace with the humans in this village, we would hunt with them and everything was perfect. Then all at once it happened, the humans were dying in their sleep and sleep walking into the forest.They would never return from the forest, if they did then it was weeks later and they were dead, lifeless corpses bent on killing us. We don't know what happened exactly that day, but we know now how dangerous it is to sleep alone, we have to stay close to each others hearts. There is no room for distrust in the other canines for I believe we will be the next to fade.

Date: March 10, 2020
Season: Early Spring
Time of Day: Noon

Silas the WIP

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Silas the WIP Empty Silas the WIP

Post by Silas on Thu Nov 21, 2013 10:26 am

Name: Silas
Pronounciation: Sea-less
Nicknames: Sea, Seal, Sy, Silly
Gender: Male
Age: 4
Rank: Gatherer
Sexual orientation: Pansexual


Coat: His coat is relatively long and is a pure white.
Eyes: A deep almond brown.
Scars: Some minor scars on his head and torso though none can be easily spotted through his thick coat
Build: he's taller than your average Joe though he isn't very bulky or strong. His legs are long and lanky; fit for running long distances rather than short sprints.


Gutsy: Silas is very bull headed and always trusts his instincts. He's not one to back down from a fight even when odds are stacked against him.

Charming: Silas considers himself a gent of sorts, and always tries to be kind and compassionate to suitors especially the ladies;)

Nonchalant: an heir of arrogance trails him anywhere he goes and he always talks up a big game and faces challenges head on.

Masked: Silas often hides his true feelings deep down, weather intentionally or not. Not many people gain his trust nor does he gain theirs'.

Humorous: not many people get his jokes, though he's constantly cracking them. He always gets a kick out of it when someone laughs at his jokes; as it doesn't happen very often.

Complex: Silas isn't a very simple wolf. He's complicated and even has trouble understanding himself. He can be quite bipolar, being perfectly content one minute and lunge the next.

Strengths: Stamina, Size, hunting small prey, persuading.

Weaknesses: coping with stress, fighting, headstrong, arrogance.

Theme songs:
The Red by Chevelle
Break by Linkin Park
Faint by Linkin Park
Coming Undone by Korn
Chalk Outline by Three Days Grace
Fuck you by Lily Allen

Note: I made this biography a while ago so I may give him some minor adjustments before letting him loose in the roleplay again.

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Silas the WIP Empty Re: Silas the WIP

Post by Eel on Thu Nov 21, 2013 6:12 pm

Lovely bio Silas. You're accepted, of course. Feel free to make as many changes to Silas as you like, he's your character. Sorry repost your bio, I just wanted to weed out the inactive accounts. See you in the rp!

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