Everything is gone, its only the canines and the little prey there is left.One moment we were living in peace with the humans in this village, we would hunt with them and everything was perfect. Then all at once it happened, the humans were dying in their sleep and sleep walking into the forest.They would never return from the forest, if they did then it was weeks later and they were dead, lifeless corpses bent on killing us. We don't know what happened exactly that day, but we know now how dangerous it is to sleep alone, we have to stay close to each others hearts. There is no room for distrust in the other canines for I believe we will be the next to fade.

Date: March 10, 2020
Season: Early Spring
Time of Day: Noon

Rules to Roleplay

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Rules to Roleplay Empty Rules to Roleplay

Post by Sam on Sun Feb 10, 2013 7:28 pm

(1) Challenging Alphas is allowed and encourage! Yep, you heard correctly. Here at Faded we encourage you to challenge your alpha if you disagree. This doesn't mean for you to go around picking a fight every second, if an alpha makes a decision you dislike you may strike out and attack them. When a challenge towards an alpha takes place the alpha can even be thrown from their spot if enough wolves agree with the challenger.

(2) Word count matters! I don't mean to sound like a nag with all of this post requirement stuff but you must post at least 5 sentences in roleplay.

(3) You are allowed only two characters. You can start with two characters but I will allow you to buy other character with Trust points and you can also earn extra characters during contests.

(4) No "God Modding!" Examples of God modding is when your character is impossible to harm and dodges everything or if you control another user's character.

(5) Your character must have it's limits and weaknesses. In other words, if Bob is missing an eye, several limbs are missing and his throat is ripped open he is dead. If a wolf's leg has been injured and must be taken off this can be done but you wolf will be inactive for a week if this happens and limited in movement afterwards and in all weaker then most and probably going to be an Omega.

(6) Faded is Semi-realistic! We allow unnatural pelt arrangements, like my character Sam who has a pelt thats quite unrealistic. We do allow strange pelts but no strange pelt colors! So no purple/green wolves. No wings, horns, hats, earings, necklaces, bracelets, feathers and others of the sorts.

(7) Keep wolfy love to a small amount. Sorry to all of you freaks obsessed with that kind of stuff, but we don't allow wolves physically mating and other sexual things.

(8.) Homosexuals and Bisexuals are allowed! I have nothing against liking someone of your own gender, so go on my boys and girls and get your heart on. Just remember rule 7!

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