Everything is gone, its only the canines and the little prey there is left.One moment we were living in peace with the humans in this village, we would hunt with them and everything was perfect. Then all at once it happened, the humans were dying in their sleep and sleep walking into the forest.They would never return from the forest, if they did then it was weeks later and they were dead, lifeless corpses bent on killing us. We don't know what happened exactly that day, but we know now how dangerous it is to sleep alone, we have to stay close to each others hearts. There is no room for distrust in the other canines for I believe we will be the next to fade.

Date: March 10, 2020
Season: Early Spring
Time of Day: Noon


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Post by Sam on Thu Feb 21, 2013 12:52 pm

Leviathans are beasts created by God long before the creation of angels and humans. As they were too much to handle, God created Purgatory and locked them therein. It is revealed that the Leviathans operate on a form of hierarchy, with several of them taking orders from a yet unknown leader. Though their true form is yet to be shown, they appear under the water to be serpents. In a vessel, they can dislocate the jaw and reveal a mouth full of large teeth and a twin-forked tongue.

Powers & Abilities:
★ Shapeshifting
★ Regeneration
★ Impervious to silver
★ Superhuman strength
★ Immortality
★ Invulnerability


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